Friday, December 11, 2009

[ A L Y A Z I A *2* ]

This Goes to *Shreena* & Thaanks M.H<3

Shoot me , Shoot me now !!

Yazii just couldn't believe what just happened to her and as soon as m7ammd left the library she picked up her books and rushed out. On her way back home she repeated the incident over and over again in her head. “What in the world is his problem? " she thought to herself. All night long Yazii did nothing but think of excuses "Was it the stare ? Or maybe it was my look. Oh god what did i do , i have to go apologize to him first thing tomorrow morning. "

*The very loud alarm clock went off*

" Shiit its 7;30 " Squealed Yazii.

She rushed that morning trying to wash and dress up as fast as she could. She wore a track suit pants and a scruffy shirt; it was what she saw first in her closet. She picked up her books and raced to the elevator. Her Building had 20 floors she lived in the 19th. You could imagine how frustrating it was to wait for the elevator to come from the 3rd to the 19th. Thankfully it didn't take that long 7 minutes to be precise. She ran in and kept on pressing the "G" button so if wouldn't stop on any floor , 1 more floor to go she said to calm herself. Suddenly it stopped on level 1. Speak of the devil , m7ammd walks in. Yazii's jaw dropped down in a way she never thought it could but quickly shut it. "Good morning " Giggled m7ammd as he went in and stood beside her. Yazii tried to open her mouth but words wouldn’t come out so she replied with a smile. She couldn’t understand why was time moving so slowly it was 2 minutes to reach the ground floor but it felt like 2 days. As soon as the elevator doors opened she walked out of the elevator taking big steps to try to reach the door that would lead to the outside but then she heard him…

" YAZIII , WAAAIIIITTT " m7ammd called after her.

Thoughts ran through her head “Oh my! Why is he calling me!! He is going to apologize! Maybe he relized that he was being rude yesterday.”

" Errm Yazii , I really don't know how to say this." mumbled m7ammd

“Well let me say it for you! You were being so rude especially that you wanted something from me. To think you would treat a girl with a little bit of respect”


  1. 7amaaaaass!!!
    Can't wait till the next part dude :*


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